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Our mentorING partner Knorr-Bremse looks for juniors and working students

Our men¬≠to¬≠rING part¬≠ner Knorr-Brem¬≠se offe¬≠res juni¬≠or posi¬≠ti¬≠ons and working stu¬≠dent jobs! One of the vacan¬≠ci¬≠es is even in the depart¬≠ment of our estee¬≠med men¬≠tor Anna Staf¬≠fie¬≠re. ūüėä
The Knorr-Brem¬≠se Group, based in Munich, is the world‚Äôs lea¬≠ding manu¬≠fac¬≠tu¬≠rer of bra¬≠king sys¬≠tems and a lea¬≠ding sup¬≠pli¬≠er of safe¬≠ty-cri¬≠ti¬≠cal sub-sys¬≠tems for rail and com¬≠mer¬≠cial vehic¬≠les.

Have a look:

Werkstudent*in Elec¬≠tro¬≠nic Sys¬≠tem Engi¬≠nee¬≠ring / Test¬≠ing (m/w/d)  (at Depart¬≠ment of our men¬≠tor Anna Staf¬≠fie¬≠re)

Other vacan­ci­es:


Don‚Äôt hesi¬≠ta¬≠te to cont¬≠act Anna Staf¬≠fie¬≠re, if you have any ques¬≠ti¬≠ons con¬≠cer¬≠ning her depart¬≠ment or other mat¬≠ters in con¬≠nec¬≠tion with Knorr-Brem¬≠se.

Good luck! ūüćÄūüćÄūüćÄ