About TUM International GmbH

Welcome to TUM International GmbH

TUM Inter­na­tio­nal GmbH (TUMint) was estab­lished in 2007 as a 100% sub­si­dia­ry of the Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­si­ty of Munich (TUM), which ranks among Europe’s most out­stan­ding uni­ver­si­ties in inno­va­ti­on and rese­arch.

TUMint is a lea­ding pro­vi­der, deve­lo­per and ope­ra­tor of sci­en­ti­fic sites, inno­va­ti­on eco­sys­tems and know­ledge & tech­no­lo­gy trans­fer hubs world­wi­de. TUMint accom­pa­nies its glo­bal part­ners as a con­sul­ting com­pa­ny and part­ner in trans­for­ma­ti­on pro­ces­ses by explo­ring new, sus­tainable, and robust deve­lo­p­ment paths through the tail­o­red design of inno­va­ti­on eco­sys­tems, know­ledge and inno­va­ti­on-based indus­tri­al clus­ters, sta­te of the art uni­ver­si­ties, and tech­no­lo­gy trans­fer cen­ters.

In all its pro­jects, TUMint com­mits to long-term, tech­no­lo­gy dri­ven and sus­tainable deve­lo­p­ment pathways to bring value to all stake­hol­ders invol­ved. In this pro­cess, cus­to­mers bene­fit not only from a strong world­wi­de net­work of public, pri­va­te, and aca­de­mic part­ners, but also from a focus on qua­li­ty and evi­dence-based pro­ces­ses. TUMint’s know­ledge deve­lo­p­ment efforts are gui­ded by the prin­ci­ple of trans­fer­ring know-how into prac­ti­cal appli­ca­ti­ons and know­ledge exch­an­ge plat­forms.

TUMint has its­elf a sub­si­dia­ry, the TUMint·Energy Rese­arch GmbH, estab­lished to rese­arch and deve­lop all-solid-sta­te bat­te­ries – the next gene­ra­ti­on of sto­rage tech­no­lo­gies for a more sus­tainable use of ener­gy.

Fur­ther­mo­re, TUMint has estab­lished a joint ven­ture ACES (Asia Cen­ter of Excel­lence for Smart Tech­no­lo­gies) to pro­mo­te digi­ta­liza­ti­on and indus­try 4.0 prac­ti­ces and know-how in Malay­sia and the lar­ger regi­on. TUMint also sits on the board of GATE Gar­ching (a start-up acce­le­ra­tor at the TUM) and KME Mit­tel­stand (indus­try sup­port asso­cia­ti­on for SMEs).

TUMint’s goal is to deli­ver an impact in all its pro­jects by hel­ping its cli­ents to pro­mo­te edu­ca­ti­on, advan­ced tech­no­lo­gy, digi­ta­li­sa­ti­on, and sus­taina­bi­li­ty to advan­ce inclu­si­ve indus­tri­al deve­lo­p­ment.

TUM International — what sets us apart

Developer of integrated academic and scientific sites

TUM Inter­na­tio­nal is embedded in strong net­works of aca­de­mic insti­tu­ti­ons and busi­ness part­ners. It lever­a­ges insti­tu­tio­nal-level and eco­sys­tem inter-depen­den­ci­es to enable the deve­lo­p­ment of entre­pre­neu­ri­al and enga­ged uni­ver­si­ties and com­plex inno­va­ti­on eco­sys­tems.

Orchestrator of innovation ecosystems

With a deep under­stan­ding of the pre­con­di­ti­ons for dyna­mic inno­va­ti­on eco­sys­tems, TUM Inter­na­tio­nal lever­a­ges stake­hol­der enga­ge­ment tools and par­ti­ci­pa­to­ry methods to co-crea­te eco­sys­tems and road­maps for action, and effec­ti­ve imple­men­ta­ti­on.

Professional site developer of a leading European university

As a full sub­si­dia­ry of the Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­si­ty of Munich (TUM), TUM Inter­na­tio­nal has direct access to inno­va­ti­ve exper­ti­se. It trans­fers this know­ledge and adapt the TUM model to the spe­ci­fic natio­nal con­text of its cli­ents, hol­ding hig­hest qua­li­ty stan­dards.

Partnering for scientific site development rather than just consulting

A coope­ra­ti­ve approach is essen­ti­al for the long-term suc­cess of a pro­ject. TUM Inter­na­tio­nal deve­lo­ps con­cepts and enga­ges in imple­men­ta­ti­on in clo­se part­ner­ship with the cli­ent.

Project monitoring using societal impact-related indicators

TUM Inter­na­tio­nal crea­tes mea­sura­ble added value in the form of appli­ed rese­arch and inno­va­ti­on out­co­mes, know­ledge crea­ti­on, sus­taina­bi­li­ty impact, and employ­ment oppor­tu­ni­ties.

Education and research as core drivers of regional development

TUM Inter­na­tio­nal builds syn­er­gies bet­ween aca­de­mia and indus­try on- and off-cam­pus. It pro­vi­des holi­stic and cus­to­mi­sed solu­ti­ons for sci­en­ti­fic sites and inno­va­ti­on eco­sys­tem to enhan­ce spill­over effects from col­la­bo­ra­ti­on.


To repre­sent uni­ver­si­ty-rela­ted inte­rests, TUM Inter­na­tio­nal enters into equi­ty invest­ments and estab­lish sub­si­dia­ries. The com­pa­ny is curr­ent­ly share­hol­der of KME — Kom­pe­tenz­zen­trum Mit­tel­stand GmbH, Gar­chin­ger Tech­no­lo­gie- und Grün­der­zen­trum GmbH, TUMint.Energy Rese­arch GmbH and ACES — Asi­an Cent­re of Excel­lence for Smart Tech­no­lo­gies.

TUMint-Ener­gy Rese­arch GmbH is a non-pro­fit, non-uni­ver­si­ty and inter­di­sci­pli­na­ry rese­arch insti­tu­ti­on at the Gar­ching rese­arch cam­pus .

An inter­na­tio­nal team is working on the rese­arch and deve­lo­p­ment of solid-sta­te bat­te­ries.

Rese­arch is con­duc­ted pri­ma­ri­ly on inno­va­ti­ve bat­tery tech­no­lo­gies in the fields of mate­ri­als sci­ence, elec­tro­che­mis­try, che­mi­cal engi­nee­ring, phy­sics and pro­duc­tion tech­no­lo­gy.

The com­pa­ny is main­ly finan­ced by funds from the Free Sta­te of Bava­ria.

gate is a tech­no­lo­gy and start-up cen­ter loca­ted in the Gar­ching rese­arch cam­pus of the Tech­ni­cal Uni­ver­si­ty of Munich (TUM). The cen­ter sup­ports around 50 start-ups from the tech­no­lo­gy sec­tor by pro­vi­ding sui­ta­ble pre­mi­ses and inten­si­ve coa­ching during the start-up pha­se. Foun­ders with an inno­va­ti­ve idea, espe­ci­al­ly from the sec­tors Cle­an­Tech, AI, Indus­try 4.0, Med­Tech, IT, Vir­tu­al & Aug­men­ted Rea­li­ty or Robo­tics, meet like-min­ded peo­p­le in gate.

TUM Inter­na­tio­nal GmbH is one of six share­hol­ders of gate.

KME — Kom­pe­tenz­zen­trum Mit­tel­stand GmbH is a joint com­pa­ny of vbm — Ver­band der Baye­ri­schen Metall- und Elek­tro­in­dus­trie e. V. and TUM Inter­na­tio­nal GmbH. The cen­ter iden­ti­fies the rese­arch and inno­va­ti­on needs of the metal and elec­tri­cal indus­try (M+E indus­try) and car­ri­es out cross-com­pa­ny rese­arch pro­jects. KME coope­ra­tes with renow­ned rese­arch insti­tu­tes and uni­ver­si­ties. The ser­vices of KME also include the pro­mo­ti­on of exch­an­ge bet­ween rese­arch, sci­ence and indus­try as well as the dis­se­mi­na­ti­on of rese­arch results.

The “Asia Cen­ter of Excel­lence for Smart Tech­no­lo­gies” (ACES) imple­ments digi­ta­liza­ti­on tech­no­lo­gies in line with the Indus­try 4.0 stan­dard throug­hout the Sou­the­ast Asi­an regi­on.

The cen­ter is joint­ly estab­lished and ope­ra­ted by TUM Inter­na­tio­nal GmbH and the East Coast Eco­no­mic Regio­nal Deve­lo­p­ment Coun­cil (ECERDC). In par­ti­cu­lar, the focus is on digi­tiz­ing Malaysia’s edu­ca­ti­on sec­tor, indus­tri­al infra­struc­tu­re, mobi­li­ty sec­tor and logi­stics, and agri­cul­tu­re.

Our Vision

TUMint’s ulti­ma­te goal is to inspi­re and enable peo­p­le and orga­niza­ti­ons glo­bal­ly to unleash inno­va­ti­on for the public good and empower a bet­ter future.

Our Mission

Going bey­ond con­sul­ting TUMint pro­mo­tes and shapes inno­va­ti­on eco­sys­tems through co-crea­ti­on. Its approach reli­es on deve­lo­ping true part­ner­ships and tail­or-made solu­ti­ons for our cli­ents. Ther­eby TUMint enga­ges in an agi­le jour­ney.

Our Values