Judith O'Meara has been involved in international and European research funding schemes and the development of innovation clusters for over two decades. Based on a master's degree in European Integration from the University of Sussex, England, she has worked for the German Foundation for International Development (DSE), the Information Office of the Free State of Bavaria and an advocacy group for small and medium-sized enterprises (UEAPME) in Brussels. She has supported the establishment of consortia, managed proposals and collaborative international projects at the interface of science, business and public stakeholders – amongst other for the Max-Planck Society and the Technical University of Munich (TUM). Her expertise in best practice European mechanisms to set up and interlink regional innovation hubs and to build strong, entrepreneurially minded networks have brought her to TUM International GmbH. Judith is elected Interim Director of the Innovation Hub Central of the new European Knowledge and Innovation Community, EIT Urban Mobility.