Together with Siemens, TUM International GmbH (TUMint) manages the Siemens Research and Innovation Ecosystem (RIE) Munich, which emerged from the Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI) at TUM. The lead university is TUM.

The Siemens RIE Munich is a unique ecosystem in which today's challenges are addressed collaboratively with future technologies. In collaboration with internal and external stakeholders, including universities, research institutes, partners from industry, startups, and government agencies, TUMint and Siemens are developing solutions to these challenges.

The Siemens RIE Munich combines the research excellence of a wide range of stakeholders and relies on a broad, regional and at the same time global network. In addition to traditional contract research, the RIE works closely with stakeholders in innovation projects and publicly funded research consortia and explores numerous other individual cooperation formats.

Furthermore, Siemens RIE Munich supports talent management, e.g., through specific mentoring programs, and develops customized cooperation mechanisms between companies and universities.