In Kutaisi, Georgia's third largest city, a young university is growing up with the aim of becoming a unique education and research centre in Georgia. Kutaisi International University (KIU) is taking its cue from its role model, the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

TUM International has been advising KIU for several years on behalf of the Georgian government - among other things, in the conception of a business prognosis model, in the development of the educational programmes and on the way to an international accreditation.

Like its role model TUM, the new university aims to have a very entrepreneurial and application-oriented structure. Strong ties with local, national, and international companies are important, as are activities to strengthen the "entrepreneurial spirit" among students. Here, TUM International supports the development of a sustainably emerging and thus long-term growing innovation ecosystem with KIU at its heart.

The campus also offers a modern dormitory and a well-equipped teaching building to provide an inspiring environment for the students. It will be steadily expanded and upgraded over the coming months. KIU is constantly working to provide a modern and diversified education in line with western standards of leading institutions.

Despite existing challenges, the first academic year has now been successfully completed. The three Bachelor's degree programmes offered - Computer Science, Mathematics and Management - are to be expanded to include a doctoral programme in the winter semester of 2021/22, with further degree programmes in the natural and human sciences to follow in years 3 and 4. KIU's guiding concept also includes internationalisation and linking local and international talent. All study programmes are therefore offered in English.

On the occasion of the official opening ceremony of KIU on 21. October 2020, the honorary President Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann created a video statement.