In Kutaisi, the third largest city in Georgia, a new "Green Field University" is being built based on the model of Technical University of Munich (TUM). On behalf of the Georgian government, TUM International is advising Kutaisi International University (KIU) on the design of the operating model, curriculum and IT structure among others.

Like its role model TUM, the new university will be very entrepreneurial and application-oriented. Strong ties with local, national and international companies are important for KIU, as are activities to strengthen the "entrepreneurial spirit" among students. The campus also offers modern dormitories and a well-equipped teaching building to provide an inspiring environment for students. It will be continuously expanded and extended over the coming months.

The KIU will offer a modern, broad-based education in line with western standards of leading institutions in the US and Europe. In the first winter semester 2020/21, about 1000 first-year students were interested in the three bachelor's programs offered: Computer Science, Mathematics and Management. Further study programs in the natural and human sciences are to follow in year 2 and 3. The guiding concept of KIU also includes internationalization and the linking of local and international talents. All study programs are therefore offered in English.

On the occasion of the official opening ceremony of KIU on 21. October 2020, the honorary President Prof. Wolfgang A. Herrmann created a video statement.