TUM International supported the local partner Amassence in the exploration of the resource potential of the Amazonian Rainforest. The first pillar of the cooperation covered the examination of the medical effectiveness of endemic plants.

Besides consulting on the preparation of investors’ documents, TUM International identified collaboration partners from business and science.

The complex process of phytopharmaceutical development encompasses a detailed analysis of the mechanisms of action, the approval procedure and commercialization of medical products. The activities were supported by the Technical University of Munich with its outstanding expertise in system biology and bioprocessing.

The second pillar consisted of developing an Amazonian Green Cluster. It targeted the socio-economic development at community level, strengthening of regional value creation, and enhancement of trade with international partners. Social and environmental impact investments were at the core of the cluster idea. Intelligent small-scale solutions, qualification and training as well as innovation projects should minimize the environmental footprint while developing high-value products for international markets.

Project status: Completed