Our TUMint image video won the Galaxy Awards honors price in New York! 
The 4-minute film we named  "What transforms a university into an economic factor?” combines an image video with explanatory 2-D animations. It brings complex processes to the point.
Our TUMInt team presents itself as your partner for the development of industry clusters, technology transfer and international universities.
At the New York-based Galaxy Awards, MerComm, Inc. honors projects and corporate media from several hundred international submissions. These projects stand out from their competitors due to their efficiency, creativity and success. The prices are set by an independent, international jury of experts (
The video was produced by the Munich agency Journal International The Home of Content GmbH. Thank you very much for the good work!
Do you want to learn how we develop innovation ecosystems and thus drive knowledge and technology transfer worldwide? 
Enjoy our award-winning image video:
It is worth your time!

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