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Talent management AnD QUALIFICATION
General information and appointments:

TUM International's Executive Education program offers a way to develop customized professional education activities tailored to individual needs and requirements. Course offerings range from one-day seminars to yearlong training and continuing education formats for the private sector in Germany and worldwide. Our program managers provide advice from the initial design phase all the way through to the day-to-day implementation and evaluation of these programs.

Industry-related Talent Management has always been an integral part of TUM International's DNA. More than half of TUM's graduates lays the foundation for their future careers even during their studies. Close interaction opens up exciting possibilities for both high potential students as well as for the university's partner companies: Tailor-made mentoring and talent development programs make it easy to gain practical experience and insights into companies, to gather career-relevant skills and to build up a professional network early on.
  • MentorING


    mentorING has existed since 2002, making it the oldest and one of the most successful mentoring programs at Technical University of Munich (TUM). It supports female students with the orientation on the labor market as well as personal and professional development.

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  • Siemens Mentoring Programm

    Siemens Mentoring Programm

    Career development for TUM students focussing on IT or technology: IT- or technology-related TUM students will be guided and advised by Siemens senior executives over the duration of at least one year.

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