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TUM International GmbH teams up with international partners to develop universities, technology campus projects and competence centers.

Each year, TUM is the birthplace of 50-60 start-up companies and signs more than 1,000 cooperation contracts with industrial partners. TUM’s guiding principle of an “entrepreneurial university” is also leading the work of TUM International GmbH for university projects. A strong link between academia and industry pushes the entrepreneurial spirit of young people in their region, enables to build up incubation and technology transfer structures and allows to interact with industry partners at all stages of research and education.

When consulting or setting up new universities, TUM International GmbH adapts TUM´s quality standards to specific local requirements in order to make sure that the university becomes a key driver of academic and economic value creation in the partner country, is able to operate independently and is accepted as a high-level partner in the global network of universities. The quality approach includes the three dimensions of internationality, connectivity and entrepreneurial spirit. Universities being set up with TUM International GmbH shall become an international knowledge hub of their region, being attractive for students as well as teaching and research staff from all over the world. A high degree of networking with other leading universities aims to support the exchange between research and start-up companies.