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General information and appointments:

TUM International follows an innovative methodological approach for the site development process, based on knowledge and experience from its long term activity in cluster, science and network management. For international site developers, it provides strategical consultancy, planning and project management services – from first strategical considerations right to the concrete settlement of companies and research facilities.

TUM International’s competence center for industrial site development, InSITE BAVARIA, brings together the most important cluster networks of European industry and science, leading experts in industry park planning and public authorities: Jointly we support planning, development and operation of eco-efficient industrial infrastructure, industry parks and special economic zones both at well-developed and emerging business sites all around the world. Our experts develop detailed business and investment concepts by an integrated industry park strategy, focusing on companies and institutions, which offer relevant technologies and products to build up new value chains in the target region. TUM International can become a co-operator of new business-hubs and set up business incubators, technology centers or other infrastructure in business match-making and technology transfer.