Upholding the motto of its founding rector Karl Max von Bauernfeind, "to bring the commercial and industrial world the spark of science", Technische Universität München founded its subsidiary, the TUM International GmbH. Since 2007, we have been reflecting the excellence of the University in our multi-faceted university site building projects, talent management and qualification, technology transfer and the management of collaborative science projects. With the addition of InSITE BAVARIA in 2015, we have a strong know-how in cluster building and industrial site development. On the following pages you will learn more about TUM International, the team, our projects and joint ventures and your career opportunities at TUM International.

  • CTKT


    TUM and Evonik have set up the Center for Technology and Knowledge Transfer (CTKT) at TUM International.

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  • CKI


    TUM International is operating the Siemens Center of Knowledge Interchange (CKI) at Technische Universität München, representing a best practice of strategic long-term collaboration between a leading industrial player and one of the world’s top universities.

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  • MentorING


    The mentorING program exists since 2002, making it the oldest and one of the most successful mentoring programs at TUM.

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  • Siemens Mentoring Programm

    Siemens Mentoring Programm

    Career development for TUM students focussing on IT or technology: IT- or technology-related TUM students will be guided and advised by Siemens senior executives over the duration of at least one year.

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  • TUM Kuwait

    TUM Kuwait

    Since 2016, TUM International is responsible for concepts, development and set-up of TUM Kuwait, TUM's spin-off university in Kuwait City.

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  • Kutaisi University Complex

    Kutaisi University Complex

    At the Kutaisi International University (KIU), a "green field university" based on the model of the TUM is being designed by TUM International for the Georgian Government.

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  • Sustainability Initiative CoPlan

    Sustainability Initiative CoPlan

    Together with the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH, InSITE BAVARIA has developed a web-based Sustainability Calculator to estimate the monetary return on sustainability investments in existing or new industrial areas in the regional program Cooperation Platform Latin America North (COPLAN).

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  • J-Rich


    At Saudi Arabia‘s most important industrial site „Jubail Industrial City“, TUM International and Jubail Industrial College build up and operate a national Cluster Excellence Center and a Research and Application Center for entrepreneurship, environmental engineering and Industry 4.0.

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  • Asia Center of Excellence for Smart Technologies (ACES)

    Asia Center of Excellence for Smart Technologies (ACES)

    The Asia Center of Excellence for Smart Technologies (ACES) brings digitalization technologies to the entire Southeast Asian region, following the German “Industry 4.0” approach.

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  • Seahawk - a new petro cluster with sustainable impact

    Seahawk - a new petro cluster with sustainable impact

    The Seahawk project in Texas, USA, focusses on the strategic support in the optimization of the regional pipeline system. In order to create lasting impact, the interaction of regional and international stakeholders is to be improved through the creation of a new petrocluster.

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  • Ghana - Petronia Industrial Platform

    Ghana - Petronia Industrial Platform

    The industrial park and real estate project, namely Petronia City, is the first of its kind in Western Africa and on the continent. TUMint together with its external partner ENIGA develop the economic activities of Petronia City.

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  • Honduras, Roatán - Prospera Special Economic Zone

    Honduras, Roatán - Prospera Special Economic Zone

    Prospera Hub is part of the private “Zona de Empleo y de Desarrollo Económico” (ZEDE) which is the first of its kind in the world. InSITE BAVARIA develops the economic activities of ZEDE Prospera and will manage the industrial site in La Ceiba.

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  • Industrie Center Obernburg (ICO)

    Industrie Center Obernburg (ICO)

    Together with the park operator Mainsite, InSITE BAVARIA develops a competence center for its Initiative for Interdisciplinary Regional Development (IIRD). Pilot applications are the logistics center and the expansion plans of Mainsite for the Industrie Center Obernburg (ICO).

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  • Cork Harbour Region Growth Strategy, Ireland

    Cork Harbour Region Growth Strategy, Ireland

    Cork Harbour Region (CHR) displays site- and geolocation specific advantages which shall be further capitalized through a targeted and internationalized investment strategy, focusing on multinational and SME target groups as well as world-leading clusters and future key-enabling technologies.

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  • Port & Energy Logistics Competence Center, Italy

    Port & Energy Logistics Competence Center, Italy

    Port of Port of Trieste, transalpine Pipeline (TAL), TUM International GmbH and Camera di Commercio Italo-Tedesca are forming a strategic partnership.
    The relevant Competence Center is addressing the need for interconnected management systems along global supply roads by establishing energy-driven cluster across Bavarian-Italian cooperation.

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