TUM International GmbH is the main contractor to develop the green cluster concept in the Amazonian Rainforest for social and environmental impact investments including development of unique phytopharmaceuticals.

Together with the local partner Amassence, TUM International prepares the establishment of a Green Cluster in the Amazonian Rainforest. The first pillar covers the examination of the medical and economic potential of endemic plants. Besides consulting on the preparation of investors documents, TUM International elaborates collaboration models and identifies partners from business and science. The ultimate goal of phytopharmaceutical development shall be reached through support for a detailed analysis of the mechanisms of action, the approval procedure and commercialization of the plants. The activities are supported by Technical University of Munich with its outstanding expertise in system biology and bioprocessing.

The second pillar encompasses the development of an Amazonian Green Cluster. It targets the economic development at community level, strengthening of regional value creation, and enhancement of international trade. The concept considers social and environmental impact investments which are at the core of the project. Intelligent small-scale solutions, qualification activities as well as eco-tourism offerings shall minimize the environmental footprint while producing high-value products for international markets.

Project responsibility: Cristina Gaertner