The 8th of March – International Women’s Day – is an official holiday in 26 countries worldwide. Only slowly, Germany is following suit: Berlin established the day as a statutory holiday in 2019 and Mecklenburg-West Pomerania will do so in 2023.

Even if this celebratory day does not happen to be an official holiday in Bavaria, it is a day worth celebrating – so let’s do it together!

All TUM members are cordially invited to join in on a range of events – especially and explicitly our many wonderful TUM women. The motto this year is “Career Paths of Strong TUM Women” and it is indeed a motto that packs a punch: Meet women who carved their very own path at and through TUM, visit their workspaces, listen to them on the evening panel and feel strengthened, inspired and connected.

With a nod to Equal Pay Day on the 7th of March, there will also be the option to join an online Money Talk, run by a financial advisor specialized in wealth building for women.

TUM is very much looking forward to seeing you!

Please note that all events are held in German.