Well-educated young people are the most valuable asset of any country. This is the motto of the Uzbek government, which has taken up the cause of opening a new educational institution, the "New Uzbekistan University". The new university, which will be built in the capital Tashkent, is oriented in all areas to the excellent standards and application-oriented focus of the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

TUM International is supporting the New Uzbekistan University in areas such as the design of management strategies, curriculum development and quality management. The topic of building up an innovation ecosystem and the networking of important (industrial) players in the region with the university also play an important role. The new university aims to offer students a modern and innovative learning environment. Thus, in addition to attractive housing for students and staff, facilities for student activities such as a modern library, co-working spaces and the use of interactive teaching and learning methods are planned. All this is intended to promote a forward-thinking, technology-oriented educational culture at New Uzbekistan University and throughout the country.

The first high school graduates will already start this autumn with a basic "Foundation Year" - up to 300 interested students are expected. The Foundation Year is equivalent to an orientation year and aims to bring all students to the same level of performance. Since all courses at New Uzbekistan University are taught in English, language courses and language tests are also on the students' schedule - organised by a department of Cambridge University (Cambridge Assessment International Education). Adapted to the needs of the country, the three bachelor’s degree programmes Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering and Software Engineering will start after the orientation year. This offer will be gradually expanded, especially in the fields of natural sciences and humanities.